• mathias skjødt

    awesome video

  • cAsper pAn

    why it says ‘sorry,we dun need any veh….. right now ‘ -.-”

  • zahid uddin

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  • marian vasile

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  • Sambareno

    on other vids its saying make 5M in like an hour :| thats if you have a good car

  • Mike Hanock



  • Trever Bardsley

    yo thnx maby u and me can play gta sometime add GtaProOnTheGo

  • Dougie Drums

    That looks so fun, said no-one.

  • Jay Wicked

    Thats bull i cant sell my car i paid for bull shit

  • Ken Walker

    great video but we cant stop seriously!!!!!!!

  • anthony ellis

    awesome thanks so much! :)  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OpTiC gam3R

    why miley cyres as the background music

  • MindAintRite

    @RJrockstars – If thats true then why can you sell the Baller ? The Baller has a base price of 90,000?

  • MindAintRite

    lol, i sell my elegy for 160,000$ Dont believe me?? Check out my channel.

  • RJrockstars

    You cant sell cars that sell for a BASE value of $50000, but any car below that value can be modded to go well over. I was selling my upgraded Elegy at $61000

  • colehman72797

    Brandon how

  • Brandon Wernham

    You can sell cars that are over 50000 you just can’t sell them if you bought it for 50000


    only works a few times.

  • XyloStudiio

    Guys you have to make a Solo-Lobby then it works.

  • stoicalneo

    It only works twice and then it stops working.

  • TheFlossBoss47

    does this still work for ps3?

  • Vishal Ganna

    That’s a pretty unique strategy. Has anyone ever seen Effortless Money Machine? I downloaded it and earnt $22,000 over the last couple of months. Search google for “Effortless Money Machine” to see for yourself.

  • TheHumbernator

    Doesn’t work for me on Xbox :/

  • MrGSG13

    That’s a lie, you can’t sell anything over 50k..


    im not sure but im gonna leave gta online then go back into it in solo session and see if i can sell it again :D wish me luck doing it now :)

  • Ben Moore


  • SwagDaddyx24

    It still works after the patch my car is worth 110k per sale

  • tassine aliali

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  • CommentMade

    Tried this, could sell once, go to the marketplace, came back and it won’t let me sell any cars. Figure it’s patched now from the recent update.

  • thatSTERLINkid

    Same here… Been following other people’s methods for a couple days now only for the same result: sell the car twice, car leaves the shop. Ugh.

  • Efchayd23

    Think it’s been patched

  • James Mault

    Does it work on xbox


    Fyi do not stop doing it to build the car and get more cash it fucks it up :/ .

  • PeterBauce

    How do you make it so it doesn’t say “Sorry- we do not need any cars right now” I get so angry when that happens :( I’m on Xbox btw

  • TheCrazygameguy

    it still works for me on cars

  • TheCrazygameguy

    I upgraded my car and now its worth about 30 thousand and now i try to do the glitch and it sells my car and i cant do it at all and gotta wait

  • itzMrBlazE

    1,000,000 times like!!!!!

  • Killian Frazer

    I just done it on ps3 not patched

  • Colton Mccullough

    Wth. It only works twice. What do I do???

  • Roy Powell

    Mike Jones is right, been patched.

  • MegaNattyboy

    With cars only it still works with bikes

  • unknownbaws

    Song : Timeflies Tuesday “We Can’t Stop”

  • mike jones

    This been patch already

  • jeremy cornett

    Mines say sorry we not accepting vehicles what do I do

  • James TurnerMedia

    Hey Guys I know its hard to get noticed on youtube so can you please help me out and CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL MAYBE CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AND WATCH MY VIDEOS AND TELL ME SOME IDEAS ON WHAT I SHOULD DO NEXT …. THANKS :) !

  • SeniorRonson

    I keep getting kicked out of my car when I exit pstore. Then they wont buy another.. :(

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