How to Mod GTA 5 Online Customize your own DNS Server (Xbox/PS3)

  • Murderlikedj

    New Site
    Much more better !

  • Murderlikedj

    While the Site is Down use these WORKING DNS Codes
    Updated DNS – Sunday 29th Dec 2013!
    GREEN TESTED PS3/XBOX – No God Mode – High $$$ Mult – Decent
    Bounty Mult – Low RP Mult – SNOW
    Want more DNS Codes click this video
    GTA Online: UPDATED Modded Lobby DNS Server – Money, God Mode, RP! (Xbox

  • XSaeedX

    @murderlikedj for the 100th time!! I AM STUCK on rank 200!

  • MrNgSgaming17

    fuck u

  • Payam Safdel

    primary dns=
    secondary dns=

  • RampageElite9

    Why haven’t you been posting working DNS’s?

  • dGoDz786

    Is there any dns for all unlocks in Los Santos thanks 

  • Natorix gamplay

    It always says internet connection failed while my internet connection is
    fine even for any mod dns but when I put dns automatic it’s all successful
    please help

  • Isaiah Gonzales

    My RP Is -9097700/800 Rank 1 Lol if anyone can help please 

  • Kittichai Pongpitpreecha

    Website is down right now.

  • Nick Siemer

    @Murderlikedj thanks btw can you please add me on ps3 Psn: DEAD-EYE-x_o-

  • matthew bartlett

    It works bro it a beast

  • thefakestheadphones

    what happeneds if your in deep negative rp and you dont want to use the
    wifi thing do i just make a new person?

  • xIzze

    Please Help!

    I have tried many methods to mod GTA 5 online, but for some reason it’s not
    working for me. I do everything correctly, and try many DNS codes, but for
    some stupid reason it doesn’t work for me.

    My friend who also lives in the same country as me is able to do it so it’s
    definitely not a country thing.

    I have also tried to use both wireless and wired connection, but still it
    doesn’t work.

    Please, if you may be able to help please let me know, I’d really
    appreciate it :) 

  • Glory Girls For Life

    I need a DNS code that I lose rp and de rank

    I was playing and some hacker lvled me up to 700

  • alec barnby

    My friend did this and gave me loads of money

  • tyler carmilia


  • jaherule3

    it worked thank you
    i subbed you

  • Jan PS

    Please help murderlikedj i changed mye settings to 0 on money and RP so
    when i do missions i get 0 RP and 0 money because of that fucking site that
    is down so please help i even changed the fucking dns to auto but i still
    get 0 so please tell med when is the page going to open again? Replay


    it connects but whenever i join ta v online its not snowy and no mods are
    loaded please help

  • Chris Duro

    The server is down is coming back? +Murderlikedj 

  • artur477lol

    Hello can anyone help me out im new to this and I have a question. When I
    go online it keeps saying it timed out how do i fix this and thanks.

  • sohail k

    au are a cunt i lost everything im leval 1 -20000000 rp cant level up u
    fuking cunt 

  • AGLProDucTionZz

    The websites down, any news on when it’ll be back up?

  • Ricky Rickson

    Are there any DNS Servers that give a ton of RP but no money? I don’t want
    any money, I only want RP.

  • CrazyGamerGirl32

    Any new codes?

  • OhEbyy

    I cant get rid of this…. And i went into negative xp i cant make another
    char i cant use a mechanic i cant go into stores / pay and sprays. etc

  • Brian sanchez


  • Edmond Sadiku

    +murderlikedj is there a Way to be Done with all the race to unlock engine
    and other stuff att once ?

  • Aliens AreReal

    Is there a dns for deranking your level?

  • K4M4 NZRiIzZeE

    Lmao I got banned on one account ahaha luckily I have back ups 

  • indskab

    What the fuck….nothing makes any sense! I just want a modded DNS!!!!!!!!!
    Rockstar is patching every hack!

  • Faiid Clan

    I put it at -9999 and I’m still lvl 1

  • Mommittaja69

    you are kid helping people man you got my respeckt :) 

  • josefalls

    DNS error :c


    Its down but i used it be4 it went down

  • D Money

    LF> some1 to fix my negative points text: 19852122155(must have team
    viewer. TEXT ME

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